Fight against illegal immigration and AMNESTY on election day

Date: November 1st 2008

Fellow North Carolinians,

This e-mail is a one time invitation for you to join in the national effort to curtail illegal immigration and stop Amnesty from passing in 2009. Some friends in NC have given us your e-mail for this lone invitation.

Election day is a few days away and the battle over AMNESTY for illegal aliens is likely to be decided on November 4, 2008.

Our organization, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), is a North Carolina based national organization made up of Americans of every race, political party, and denomination that oppose AMNESTY for illegals and simply want our existing immigration laws enforced. We also have many LEGAL immigrants that stand with us against illegal immigration.

You may have seen us on CNN, FOX, MSNBC, or CBS or perhaps you have heard us on talk radio shows across NC and the nation.


Two steps!

1. Please consider visiting us on the web at and signing up for our e-mail alerts. Over 25,000 concerned Americans like you receive the 1 or 2 e-mails we send per week with important information about state and federal laws, legislation regarding AMNESTY and illegal immigration.

You can sign up today using the box on the left at

2. Please make an effort to know how every candidate on your ballot stands on the issue of illegal immigration. We have almost half a million illegal aliens in NC. The trend is starting to reverse nationally due to the bad economy and more enforcement on the state level.

The Democratic leadership that has ruled in Raleigh, NC uninterrupted for 136 years has blocked almost all immigration enforcement legislation offered by Republicans. These same corrupt incumbents have also done their best to offer licenses, in-state tuition, and many other benefits to illegal aliens. NC is now considered one of the top destinations in America for illegal aliens because of the Democrats in Raleigh.

ALIPAC has endorsed US Senator Elizabeth Dole for her strong work against Amnesty and efforts to get our local police enforcing immigration laws, when illegal aliens are arrested for crimes. Her opponent, Kay Hagan is part of the Democratic leadership that has blocked enforcement bills in Raleigh. We are certain that Kay Hagan will vote for AMNESTY for illegal aliens, if sent to Washington, while Dole can be counted on to oppose AMNESTY.

Here is our commercial running in NC about the US Senate Race...

If you would like to view our other endorsements in NC and around the nation, please click here to see our 2008 Endorsements.

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to this e-mail.

It is going to take Americans of every race, party, and denomination working together to reverse illegal immigration in America. As North Carolinians we must work together to do more in our home state!


William Gheen

NC Citizen and President of ALIPAC


PS: If you have friends and family in South Carolina as I do, please send them this link to our TV commercial running there. We must warn South Carolinians about Lindsey Graham's support for racist pro Amnesty groups like La Raza / The Race

Commercial with Lindsey Graham promising La Raza Amnesty for illegal aliens


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